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Discover the Secrets of the Ancient Art of Muay Thai at Mantis MMA

Unleash your inner warrior and experience the power, grace, and tradition of Muay Thai with expert instruction and training at Mantis MMA today!


Muay Thai: A Tribute to a Majestic Art

From ancient battlefields to modern day rings,
Muay Thai has stood the test of time, and still it brings.
An outpouring of strength, grace, and skill,
A celebration of the human spirit and the power of the will.

Born in Thailand, a land of rich culture and pride,
Muay Thai has been passed down through the generations with grace and stride.
A martial art steeped in tradition, respect, and belief,
It's more than just a sport, it's a way of life, a form of relief.

With powerful strikes, lightning-fast kicks, and fluid sweeps,
Muay Thai is a mesmerizing dance, a symphony of movement and beats.
From the teep, to the knee, to the elbow, each strike is precise,
A demonstration of strength, skill, and the power of the mind.

But Muay Thai is more than just punches and kicks,
It's a spiritual practice, a journey of self-discovery and tricks.
With each training session, each fight, each victory or loss,
Muay Thai teaches us to overcome adversity, to face challenges, and to never be at a loss.

And so we pay tribute to this majestic art,
To the fighters who have graced the ring, each with a unique part.
From the legendary Samart Payakaroon, to the fierce Saenchai,
Muay Thai has produced champions, each with their own unique way.

So here's to Muay Thai, a symbol of strength and grace,
A celebration of the human spirit and the power of the will to chase.
May it continue to thrive, to evolve, and to inspire,
And may it always be a source of pride, respect, and desire.

We hope you have been inspired by this tribute to the art of Muay Thai, written by Master Aaron Turnbull. Through its powerful words, you can feel the excitement, discipline, and potential that Muay Thai holds. Join us for a free trial class at Mantis MMA today and discover the 'Majestic Art' for yourself.


Discover the Beauty and Power of Muay Thai at Mantis MMA

An Ancient Art, A Modern Sport

Muay Thai is a martial art that has its roots in ancient Thailand. It's a sport that combines striking and grappling techniques, making it one of the most dynamic and versatile martial arts in the world. But despite its popularity, Muay Thai has not lost its spiritual and cultural significance, making it an art that is rich in tradition and respect.

The Ultimate Workout Experience

Muay Thai is an intense workout that will challenge your entire body. With its focus on strikes, kicks, and clinching techniques, you'll build strength, power, and endurance with each session. And, with its fast-paced nature, you'll never get bored or lose motivation. Whether you're looking to get in shape or become a fighter, Muay Thai is the perfect workout for you.

Defend Yourself with Confidence

Muay Thai is not just a sport, it's also a form of self-defense. The techniques you learn in the ring can be applied in real-life situations, giving you the confidence to stand up for yourself and protect those you love. With each successful training session, your self-esteem and confidence will soar.

Learn from the Best at Mantis MMA

Our Expert Instructors

At Mantis MMA, we believe in the power of Muay Thai. That's why we've included it in our signature style, Mantis MMA. Our expert instructors have years of experience in the sport and will guide you through the fundamentals of Muay Thai, teaching you the proper techniques, footwork, and defense strategies.

A Proven Curriculum

Our Muay Thai curriculum is designed to take you from a beginner to an advanced fighter. With each session, you'll learn new techniques, perfect your skills, and progress to the next level. Whether you're just starting out or looking to refine your abilities, our Muay Thai program has something for everyone.

Join the Muay Thai Community at Mantis MMA

At Mantis MMA, you'll become part of a tight-knit community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for Muay Thai. With our supportive atmosphere, you'll make new friends, challenge yourself, and reach your full potential in the ring. So, what are you waiting for? Discover the beauty and power of Muay Thai at Mantis MMA today!


Why Mantis MMA

  • Professional and experienced instructors who are dedicated to your success

  • A positive and supportive community of students who will encourage and motivate you

  • A range of classes and programs to meet the needs of different ages and skill levels

  • A focus on character development and life skills through our "Way of the Warrior" program

  • Comprehensive martial arts training that covers striking, grappling, and self-defense techniques

Safe Enviroment

A safe and welcoming training environment where everyone is treated with respect and kindness.

World Classed Training Facilities

State-of-the-art training facilities with high-quality equipment and amenities.

Expert Guidance

Access to expert guidance and advice to help you reach your goals and achieve your full potential.

Lifestyle Coaching

Emphasis on physical fitness and healthy lifestyle choices, including nutrition and injury prevention.

Trusted by over 100 active Students!

At Mantis MMA, we are trusted by over a hundred active students from all ages and skill levels. But don't take our word for it. Hear what some of our students and parents have to say.

Everyone's friendly and easy going. Always comfortable to go to class everyday. The sensei teaches step by step for everyone to learn."  Carl Burgoyne

Student of Master/Sifu Aaron Turnbull since 2010 (11 yrs old, now 24) and would not regret one bit learning from him not just about martial arts but legacy and longevity in life." Alexander Lopez

Great place! I have been training here for 7 months and learned so much from Master Aaron Turnbull. Everyone is friendly and its a great environment. Training is taken very seriously and I would recommend it to anyone trying to get into martial arts." Justin Robson

Our family has been apart of Mantis MMA for over 5 years. We love being apart of this great community, my boys have grown so much both physically and mentally through their time at Mantis.

Aaron is a great leader and mentor and I highly recommend Mantis MMA."  Sarah Punter

This is easily the best place I found. My 2 kids have been going to mantis for almost 3 years and we have watched it grow.

Very professional teachers and the kids have so much fun. Can’t wait for my 3rd child to start this year, thanks again MANTIS."  Josh West

Our son has been attending Mantis MMA twice a week, for a couple of years now, and we love it. It is great value for money.

They not only teach MMA but help build their students persistence, self-confidence, respect and many more life lessons."  Nikki Rose


Answers to some of the common questions we get:

Do you offer classes for beginners?

Absolutely! We welcome students of all skill levels at Mantis MMA, and we offer beginner-friendly classes to help you get started on your martial arts journey. Our experienced instructors will work with you to ensure that you feel comfortable and confident in your training, and we'll provide you with all the support you need to succeed.

Whether you're a complete beginner or have some previous martial arts experience, we have a class that's perfect for you. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us to learn more about our beginner-friendly classes and how they can benefit you.

Do you offer classes for kids?

Yes, we absolutely offer classes for children! At Mantis MMA, we believe that martial arts training can be incredibly beneficial for kids, helping them develop valuable skills and positive habits that can serve them well for the rest of their lives. Our kids classes are designed to be fun and engaging, with a strong focus on building confidence, self-discipline, and respect for others.

We offer classes for a range of age groups, starting with our Mini Mantis classes for children aged 4-6, then progressing to Young Mantis for 7-9 year olds, Junior Mantis for 10-14 year olds, and finally Senior Mantis for ages 15 and up.

Our experienced instructors understand how to make martial arts training fun and accessible for kids, while still challenging them to grow and develop their skills. Whether your child is a complete beginner or already has some experience with martial arts, we have a program that will meet their needs and help them take their skills to the next level.

If you're interested in enrolling your child in one of our kids classes, we invite you to come in for a free trial class to see what Mantis MMA is all about. We're confident that you and your child will love our program, and we can't wait to help them unleash their inner warrior!

How long are the classes?

At Mantis MMA, we understand that people have busy schedules and limited time to spare. Our kids classes typically run for 45 minutes, while our adult classes run for 60 minutes. Over the years, we have experimented with different class lengths and found that this amount of time works best for our students to achieve maximum results. We believe that a well-structured and efficient 45-minute or 60-minute class can be much more effective than a longer, poorly run class.

With our highly trained instructors and a well-organized curriculum, you'll be able to learn new skills and techniques faster than you might expect. We place a high value on our students' time and strive to make the most of every minute in class. So, whether you're a beginner or have experience in martial arts, you can be sure that you're making the most of your time with us at Mantis MMA.

What should I wear to my trial class?

We recommend wearing comfortable workout clothes that you might wear to a typical gym or sports training session. As we train without shoes, we suggest wearing slip-on shoes like thongs for ease of movement. Please bring a water bottle and a towel to stay hydrated and comfortable during class.

Our training sessions are designed to help you push yourself, so it's important to wear clothing that allows you to move freely and comfortably.

Is there a minimum commitment period?

We only require a 30-day minimum commitment at Mantis MMA. However, we highly recommend that students commit to training for at least 12 months in order to see a significant return on their investment.

Not only will you see significant improvement in your physical fitness and ability to defend yourself, but you'll also experience the mental and emotional benefits that come with consistent training.

Do I need to be in good shape before starting martial arts?

At Mantis MMA, we welcome people of all fitness levels to our classes. You don't need to be in good shape before starting martial arts with us. Our instructors are trained to provide modifications and variations for all skill levels, so you can progress at your own pace.

Our classes are designed to challenge you both physically and mentally, but they are also designed to help you build your strength, endurance, and flexibility over time. As you train with us, you will see improvements in your overall health, mental clarity, and sense of accomplishment.

So, don't worry if you're not in the best shape of your life right now. Martial arts is a journey, and we're here to help you start and continue on that journey at your own pace. All we ask is that you come with an open mind and a willingness to learn, and we'll take care of the rest.

Will I have to spar or fight with other students?

We understand that sparring can be intimidating for some people, and we will never force anyone to do something they're not comfortable with. That being said, we do highly recommend that students try sparring to get a sense of reality and to help them deal with the fight or flight adrenaline rush that comes with it.

At Mantis MMA, we have a progressive sparring program that starts with a safe and fun introduction to sparring called Defenda Tag. Defenda Tag is a tag-based sparring system that could be thought of as Oztag for martial arts. We then progress students through defensive drills and systematically modified sparring drills to help them build their skills in a safe and controlled environment.

We have a "keep it playful" policy, which means that we don't tolerate any tough guy attitudes or aggressive behavior in our gym. By keeping sparring playful, we find that our students enjoy it more and learn faster as they are more relaxed and open to experimentation.

Explain in depth the question. Make sure that the explanation clearly answers the objections that visitor has on their mind. The frequently asked questions section is a great way to clear up any objections that the buyer might have and push then a step ahead to make that purchase.

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